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You’ve picked the day, have rounded up your entourage and are ready to head on to #bwmyyc and make an experience out of it! We’re so excited that you’re excited, and we really can’t wait to meet you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of your time at the market:

Admission: only $10 at the door per person and it grants you access on both Saturday & Sunday! What’s even better? Admission is $7/person for groups of 4 or more! We only accept cash at the door, but we have your back with an ATM on-site.

Shop, shop, shop: Did you know that some of our vendors have actual items for sale, which means not only can you chat about some amazing services for your wedding, but you can also shop jewelry while you’re there. Most of our vendors can process credit card payments, and if not, don’t forget about that ATM!

Food Trucks: Craving some noms? Wedding planning can take a lot outta you, so we’ve got you covered with some delicious teas, and some revitalizing and energizing kombucha. Also geat considerations for wedding favours and wedding party gifts!

Photo booth: No matter what, you have to take a few moments to pose with your pals and family at our photo booth. And it gets better…it’s free!

Parking: There’s on-site free parking via our parkade, so no need to peruse the streets of Inglewood and Ramsay.

Early bird catches the door prize: We have a limited amount of gift bags for the first brides who grace us with their smiling faces both Saturday and Sunday.

Address: You can fine us at 1204 20 Avenue SE in Ramsay. Take a look at this handy and adorable map by Little Me Paper Co.


See you soon!

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